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**① The shipping cost is $20 for ordered quantity of 1-9 pieces.

Free shipping offered when you order 10 pieces or more.


**② We do not have any special or expedited shipping lines.
All routes are arranged to be tried to be the fastest by the company,so you do not need to pay extra for urgent need. You just know we are looking forward to have long-term cooperation with you. Hope we can win more of your orders.


**③ If you do not get confirmation email from our website system when you make an order . Please have a try to check with your Junk Mails ! Or, maybe your order was failed.


**④ Notes(please read this) : Due to exchange rate and international transaction fee charged by banks, when you choose to pay by credit card, the amount shown on the payment steps would be different from total value of your order. There would be an extra 2%-5% transaction fee. International banks charge this, not us. Therefore, please kindly note the difference on total amounts you have to pay during payment steps by credit card. Other payment methods like Western Union and Money Gram would not have such confusion. What you have to pay then is exactly the total amount of your order shown on our site.

**Notes:Due to floating exchange rate, tiny disparity of order value may exist.
**Notes:Please note that your bank may apply a small charge for handling this transaction.

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